Aleksandra Lazarovski


Aleksandra Lazarovski


writer & director




While on studies Aleksandra worked on several award winning short films, that were screened at renowned film festivals (Clermont Ferrand, Cannes, Berlinale). During the final year of her studies she was a teaching assistant and coordinator of international film section. She produced short films, feature films, documentaries. She done many service productions and co-productions worldwide as well. She worked for the sales company Loco films based in Paris where she gained experience in sales and distribution. In 2018, she was accepted to European program Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris, attending La Fémis film school of Paris, Filmakademie film school in Stuttgart. In 2021 she directed the short film More Than Living (produced by France and TV7). In 2019, she attended a workshop with the script Zvezdana.

prizes / labs

2019  participation in Script Pitch competition at Interfilm festival (Zvezdana)

2017-2018 Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris (La Fémis, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg)

2017 First Films First Workshop 2015 Sarajevo Talent Campus

2007 – 2011 EICAR, Paris, France (École internationale de création audiovisuelle et de réalisation)


working title


project status

in development

logline / short synopsis

After the recent loss of their father, two sisters, aged 7 and 10,
assume all duties and responsibilities upon themselves while their
mother is in deep mourning. During a long day and night, we follow the
two girls’ clash with the world of grownups. Their task is to collect
whatever’s remained behind their father. On this journey, they
encounter different people, not all of whom are equally sensitive and
benevolent. They realise that it is only together that they can claim
whatever is rightfully theirs and thus preserve the memory of their
father. Through this process, they have to grow up faster but they
never cease to be what they really are children, with ultimate
freedom in their soul.