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Behnaz Eskandarnejad was born in Tehran, Iran. She was graduated in Persian Literature and studied cinema in Bamdad International Art Institute. She worked as Assistant Director. The Performance is her first movie which has won Award Of Excellence from 16th edition of Accolade Film Festival. ‘’Things You Can’t See’’ is her second short screenplay which was part of 36th edition of Inter Film Festival script pitch.


The Performance has won the award of excellence from the 16th edition of Accolade Film Festival and the best actress from the 3rd edition of 10 Film Festival.

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Things you can’t see


Things you can’t see

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“Things you can’t see” is the story of Sahar about 9 years old which stuck in her parent divorce process. In unwillingly and unstable situation sometimes stays with Bita (her mom) at her recently moved house and sometimes with Ahmed (her father). As usual in process of taking custody by parent, Bita according to the rules, didn’t confirm for taking Sahar’s custody, like many mothers in process of divorce, exhausted with the helping and directing a friend and lawyer Maryam takes decision to manipulate Sahar’s imagination about Ahmed in order to judges answers of the questions she talks against Ahmed, in result Bita could successfully take the custody. These games at first seems entertaining to Sahar but slow by slow she discovers the strange layers hidden sleep under them. She sees the imaginary of the games which had been leaked under her mental layers and undergo by the effects of surreal light and motions. The layers of her mind had been activated and evoked by these games. Finally the trial and presence in front of judge has arrived. This time surreal motions comes to Sahar in more completed form. As Sahar had been left alone all past month by Bita and Ahmed without taking any attention and had been annoyed mentally and emotionally ,exhausted by the current situation, she takes decision for the last chance in absence of judge to tell the all truth of life and Bita and Ahmed behavior details and even to snitch Bita’s strange games and finally she reveals her real sense about after divorce she doesn’t tend to stay with neither of them and prefer to live with her just only friend the imaginary knife.

partners, relevant cast & crew

Hamed Hosseinisangari (DOP)
Pooyan Sholevar (Editor)