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Eva Kamchevska


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Eva Kamchevska was born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia. Being an only child wasn’t a lonely life for Eva, because she had her movies and TV. Soon after graduating from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Eva starts working in the highest rated private TV station. Always wanting to learn more, Eva decides to cross the ocean and get back to studying. That is how she comes to VFS (Vancouver Film School), into the Writing for Film and TV program. Her goal is to make films and TV that mean something, that touch people, make them smile or leave them feel cathartic after a good cry.


The Performance has won the award of excellence from the 16th edition of Accolade Film Festival and the best actress from the 3rd edition of 10 Film Festival.

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Baby in the Closet


Baby in the Closet

project status

in development

logline / short synopsis

A middle aged couple gets the news that their baby is gay on the delivery day.


Winner Script Pitch 2020