Franka Sachse


Franka Sachse


Scriptwriter, Director & Animator




Franka Sachse is an independent filmmaker. To create her animated films, she assumes the role of a scriptwriter, storyboard artist, art director, animator and director. Often she realises her visions through digital drawn animation, but also uses analog techniques to approach topics like interpersonal relationships and ambivalent feeling. Furthermore, Franka is animating young talents to animate through her sessions at international workshops and her lecturing activities at different universities.

prizes / labs

Shorter Kids Award for Best Short Film, ShorTS International Film Festival, Film „Saka sy Vorona“ (2021)
Best in Show Award, Best Stop Motion Award, Florida Animation Festival, Film „Saka sy Vorona“ (2021)
Wilde Welten, 2nd prize, Monstrale Festival (2021)
MDM KONTAKT, Film „Weiße Wildnis“ (2021)
MDM KONTAKT, Film „Saka sy Vorona“, Honorable Mention (2019)
XXIV International Animated Film Workshop, Lanckorona, Poland (2016)
Animation Exchange Forum, Filmfest Dresden (2012)
European Animation Masterclass (2010)


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The Strange Geometry of Love

working title

The Strange Geometry of Love

project status

in development

logline / short synopsis

Three young people on a bus fall in love with each other, but fail to pair up, as each has fallen in love with the wrong person.