Nadya Todorova


Nadya Todorova


screenwriter & director




Nadya is a screenwriter & director with a love for the absurd. From undying headless chickens to grandmothers taking over the mafia, she likes putting her characters in situations that drive them to extremes, and all that with more than a pinch of dark humor. After working on a couple of TV projects in her own country, she graduated from Screenwriting at FAMU International in Prague and went on to participate in several film labs, among which Sarajevo Talents and the EastWest Talent Lab. She graduated from the TV writing program Serial Eyes in 2020.

prizes / labs

National Culture Fund Bulgaria – Grant for “The Sky Beyond The Hill”
Stoyan Kambarev Foundation – 355 Film Award – Finalist
GoEast Film Festival – EastWest Talent Lab
Sarajevo Film Festival – Talents Sarajevo
Bulgarian Film Society – Short Script Competition – Win

Slamming Doors

working title

Slamming Doors

project status

in development

logline / short synopsis

Seth and Maya meet while locked in the corridors of their apartment building when they both try to leave in the middle of the night. In-between the annoyance and jokes springing from their generational difference, a friendship is born, and each reveals what they are running away from – or towards.