Nitzan Rozen


Nitzan Rozen


writer & director


Nitzan graduated with honors from the Sam Spiegel Film School in Jerusalem, 2017. She directed four shorts that were screened around the world. Her debut feature film (in development) was selected to the international film lab LIM in 2022, and to the BerlinAir Residence of the Israeli Film Fund and Medienboard Brandenburg Berlin Film Fund. In 2023, it was selected to the Jerusalem Film Lab. Nitzan worked as a documentary directress for, the Israeli national channel for two years. She now works as a script consultant and teaches directing and editing at Minshar School of Art, Tel Aviv.

previous works

FATA MORGANA, (fiction, 2021)

HOME CONSTRUCTORS (documentary, 2019)

CRACKS (fiction 2018)

FAIR PLAY (fiction,2015)


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Summer 23

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Summer 23

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in development

logline / short synopsis

Hadas, a student and key activists in the protests against the oppressive Israeli government, is hiding a secret. She is in the midst of a fertility preservation procedure due to a late diagnosis of the endometriosis disease she suffers from. In her distress, Hadas imitates the abusive behavior she is fighting, and becomes the oppressor in her private relationship. Without the consent of her partner for one night, she gets pregnant, depriving him from having a free choice.