Raluca David


Raluca David


director, scriptwriter & editor




Raluca David is a Romanian film director and scriptwriter and also a passionate video editor. She’s made several critically acclaimed short films and her latest project is a long documentary film „Waves on dry soil“.

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Daazo Award Interfilm Pitch 2017


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6PM Traffic

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6PM Traffic

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in development

logline / short synopsis

Ioana, a young woman of 30 and a Bucharest resident, is driving through the city’s traffic jam. Afte several unpleasant traffic situations she breaks down because of all the honking and blocks an intersection with her car. Ioana calls the police hoping they will make her justice, but once they arrive at the scene the things escalate quickly.  In the end, even if she is taken to the police station, she manages to prove her point and wins the argument.