Thanos Psichogios

Thanos Psichogios


Thanos Psichogios


writer, director & producer




Thanos Psichogios studied Political Science at the University of Athens and Filmmaking (MA) at the London Film School. His films are adaptations of celebrated contemporary Greek literature and have been selected and awarded at international film festivals.  His short film “Chlorine”, based on the short story of Eirini Margariti, was developed at the Interfilm Berlin Pitch and Script and the MFI script programs. It received production funding from the Greek National Broadcaster ERT. „Chlorine“ had its national premiere at the Drama International Short Film Festival in September 2022. His next short film, „The Weekend Getaway“, based on the short story of writer Panos Tsiros, was supported at the development stage with a writing grant from the Greek Film Centre and was selected to participate in the 2022 Co-production Market of the Brussels Short Film Festival.   His first feature, “Circular Motion” (Argonauts Productions), based on the critically acclaimed first novel of Vassiliki Petsa, received an award at the 2018 Pack and Pitch program of Sarajevo Talents, a writing grant from the Greek Film Centre and the 2022 Co-production market Music & Cinema award at the BIFF. The film participated in the TIFF Pitch Stop, the Cinemed Development Grant, the My First Script Workshop of the Zagreb Film Festival, the TFL Next and the MFI programs. It was awarded the 2022 Music & Cinema Award at the Co-production Market of the Brussels International Film Festival. „Circular Motion“ is currently at the financing stage.

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Chlorine by Thanos Psichogios


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completed in 2022

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The 9-year-old girl spends the day swimming in the pool. Her eyes sting from the chlorine in the water. The man’s eyes are red too although he spends the day in the bedroom. The sun is shining. The house is clean and tidy. A father and a daughter keep hiding from each other.