Viv Li


Viv Li


writer & director


China / Germany


Viv Li is a Chinese filmmaker, writer and comedian based in
Berlin and Beijing. She is a Berlinale Talents Alumni,
Nipkow Fellow, IDFAcademy Alumni and the recipient
of Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. Viv holds a master in
Directing from DocNomads and a bachelor’s degree in
Drama and Film from the University of Manchester. In the
past 10 years, she lived in various countries of Europe,
South America and Asia, pursuing an artistic career as a
director. She likes to joke, but please take her seriously.

prizes / labs

Special Mention, Berlinale Doc Station, 2021, Special
Mention, IDFA, 2020, Best Film, Diaspora International
Short Film Festival, 2021, Best Student Short Documentary,
Porto Femme, 2020, Onion Seed Award, MakeDox, 2021,
Special Mention, Leiden Shorts, 2021, Silver Eye Award
Nominee, Institute of Documentary, 2020


social media

Across the Waters

working title

Across the Waters

project status

in development

logline / short synopsis

In the dark night of a deserted Chinese mining town,a teenage wife discovers a glimpse of the outside world through a stolen walkman. The music she has never heard before triggers her immagination and urge to escape. And her only chance is an illegal truck driver. But will running  away from the mountains give her the freedom she is searching for?