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Zsuzsanna Kreif


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Zsuzsanna Kreif is a freelance animation filmmaker based in Budapest, graduated from MOME. Her first film, co-directed with Bori Zétényi was LIMBO-LIMBO TRAVEL a french-hungarian co-production, selected to over 100 festivals, including Sundance, Annecy, Clermont-Ferrand. She directed the animated comedy series Candide with Balázs Turai and Nándor Bera. She is currently developing a feature sci-fi animation, DINO DOOM ON DESERT PLANET with Balázs Turai.

previous works

LIMBO-LIMBO TRAVEL (animated short, 2015) co-director: Bori Zétényi

CANDIDE (Tv series, 2018) co-directors: Balázs Turai, Nándor Bera

KALEIDOO (animated short, 2020) co-directors: Réka Bucsi, Balázs Turai

DINO DOOM IN DESERT PLANET (animated feature, in development) co-director: Balázs Turai

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When life gives you lemons…

working title

When life gives you lemons…

project status

in development

logline / short synopsis

A documentary style animated short about Linda Limoncello, glamorous ex-porn star, who tells the story of living with the incurable condition Fructosis. At age 13, two giant lemons popped up on her chest making her even more shy than before. Until one day she realizes that her lemons have a hypnotizing effect on men and through tough lessons she learns to use the power of her „assets“.