Mario Orias

Mario Orias is a Venezuelan-born storyteller based in Berlin, who specializes in film editing. Mario has worked in almost every genre, from fiction to documentary, for theatrical, television and online formats. He exercises his healthy obsession for effective narrative and rhythm in both his editing and writing. His most recent film, “Beyond the Visible: Hilma af Klint,” recently premiered in Germany, and was selected one of the best films of 2020 by the New York Times. He is currently preproducing his first short film in Germany and developing a feature based on the main character of the film Marina Herzberg Gonzáles.

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Zhanna Ozirna

Zhanna Ozirna is a director and a screenwriter. Berlinale talents 2020 and Cinemart (IFFR) 2021 participant. A member of Ukrainian Film Academy and Ukrainian Guild of Directors. Now she works on her feature debut Ground Zero, the project took part in ScripTeast and Pustnik script workshops. Now she works on her feature debut Ground Zero, its production is supported by Ukrainian state film agency. Her last short fiction The Adult was presented in the special program ‘The State of a New Generation’ within Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur. In 2017 she won the Oppose Othering grant program within goEast Film Festival (Wiesbaden, Germany) with her short doc Bond, which in 2018 got an award as Best Ukrainian film (86 IFF) and Jury Special Mention (Odesa IFF).

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Imran Hamdulay

Imran Hamdulay is a writer, director and producer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Imran is a Berlinale Talents alumni and was the recipient of the 2019 Robert Bosch Stiftung award. His short films have played at numerous festivals including Guam International Film Festival, Goa Short Film Festival, Luxor African Film Festival, Durban International Film Festival & Moscow Shorts, where he won Best Director, Best Cinematography & Best Film. His cinematic visuals and experience in narrative drama means he has an instinctual approach to storytelling and performance. His films show this in a nuanced approach to his craft where he explores themes around memory and politics in South Africa. His projects have featured at various markets and labs which include EAVE,  IFFR Cinemart Lab, Durban Filmmart Institute, Cannes Marche du Film as part of the prestigious Talentueuses Caméras D’Afrique amongst others. Imran was recently the producer and production designer of the Cape Town set heist thriller, SONS OF THE SEA.

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Viv Li

Viv Li is a Chinese filmmaker, writer and comedian based in Berlin and Beijing. She is a Berlinale Talents Alumni, Nipkow Fellow, IDFAcademy Alumni and the recipient of Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. Viv holds a master in Directing from DocNomads and a bachelor’s degree in Drama and Film from the University of Manchester. In the past 10 years, she lived in various countries of Europe, South America and Asia, pursuing an artistic career as a director. She likes to joke, but please take her seriously.

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Eva Kamchevska

Eva Kamchevska was born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia. Being an only child wasn’t a lonely life for Eva, because she had her movies and TV. Soon after graduating from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Eva starts working in the highest rated private TV station. Always wanting to learn more, Eva decides to cross the ocean and get back to studying. That is how she comes to VFS (Vancouver Film School), into the Writing for Film and TV program. Her goal is to make films and TV that mean something, that touch people, make them smile or leave them feel cathartic after a good cry.

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Behnaz Eskandarnejad

Behnaz Eskandarnejad was born in Tehran, Iran. She was graduated in Persian Literature and studied cinema in Bamdad International Art Institute. She worked as Assistant Director. The Performance is her first movie which has won Award Of Excellence from 16th edition of Accolade Film Festival. ‘’Things You Can’t See’’ is her second short screenplay which was part of 36th edition of Inter Film Festival script pitch.

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Nefeli Rapti

Nefeli Rapti was born in Ioannina, Greece. She studied Greek Philology in the National and Capodistrian University in Athens and in Aarhus University in Denmark. She holds a degree in film studies at the University Paris VIII, Saint Denis-Vincennes. Her short film script “1969” participated at the International Interfilm Script Pitch Competition in 2015 and was awarded with “Special Mention”. Her next short film "The return" travelled in many european festivals and won a few prizes. She is currently in post-production for a short film titled “Reception”, which was funded by the Greek Film Center.

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